Social and Environmental Responsibility 

intellyst® believes in a socially responsible approach to health in Colorado.  We support this approach through several efforts, including:

  • Offering reduced costs for medical education services to local non-profit organizations with initiatives that target the health and wellness of Colorado’s population
  • Financial support to Doctor’s Care, an organization dedicated to providing affordable, quality health care in the South Metro Denver area for the uninsured and underinsured

Additionally, intellyst® is committed to minimizing the environmental impact through internal procedures, communications, marketing, and meeting organization efforts.  We establish general office procedures, like shredding scrap paper to use for packing material, and consistently reinforce these policies in different ways to ensure that we engage all of our employees.  We use the internet to promote our educational programs, and offer registration electronically to decrease paper waste.  By working closely with our suppliers, presenters, grantors, and attendees, we make small changes that have a big impact on the environment whenever possible.