Medical Education

intellyst® Medical Education is a leading provider of accredited continuing medical education programs for physicians. Having been accredited by the ACCME for 12 years and receiving commendations in several areas including needs assessment and overall program activity, we pride ourselves on our delivery of consistently exceptional creative and compliant medical education in a wide variety of educational formats to fit the identified learners' needs.

We encourage you to explore our processes for ensuring ACCME compliance in all of our accredited activities. We also encourage you to discover the range of formats we offer and view our gallery showcasing some of the activities we've developed over the past eight years as an accredited provider. We recognize that, based on established adult learning principles, healthcare providers benefit from receiving education in diverse ways. Our experienced team has not only fine-tuned the "traditional" educational programs to be more effective and enjoyable for participants, but we have developed cutting-edge program formats that take medical education to the next level.