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This is the re-test for Physician Focus on Parkinson's Issue 20 (Winter 2011). A score of 70% or better must be obtained in order to receive your CME certificate for participating in this activity.

According to a study of PD patients on COMT inhibitors, how did COMT genotype affect response to therapy?

Based on the results of the COMT genotype study, do you feel it is now appropriate to genotype PD patients before beginning COMT inhibitor therapy?
What role does the physicians enthusiasm and encouragement play in a patient's decision to get involved in a clinical trial?

What is the rationale for glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) gene therapy in PD?

According to a new study, what is the potential significance that neurons take up alpha-synuclein (AS), leading to protein aggregation?

In that study, what was the significance of the release of AS by dying cells?

A newly diagnosed patient asks you whether there are any experimental treatments for PD that would be appropriate for her. What information, resources, and advice would you give the patient?
According to a study of GAD gene therapy, treatment with GAD-AAV:

According to a 10-year follow-up study of deep brain stimulation, symptoms of ______ were the most amenable to stimulation improvement, while _____ were more resistant.

Botulinum toxin therapy may benefit PD patients who drool because: