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This is the re-test for Physician Focus on Parkinson's Issue 19 (Fall 2011). A score of 70% or better must be obtained in order to receive your CME certificate for participating in this activity.

Based on the evidence, which of these is NOT likely to be the best choice for initial treatment of depression for a PD patient?

The diagnosis of an anxiety disorder in Parkinsons disease is appropriate when the patient:

In the DOMINION study of impulse control disorders in PD patients, increased risk of ICD was associated with:

A PD patient reports sleep disturbance, loss of interest in sex, and diminished desire to participate in social activities, and displays a flat affect during the interview. The patients appetite is normal, he has maintained his weight for the past 6 months, and reports no suicidal ideation. Is this patient likely to be depressed?
The spouse of a patient reports that the patient has begun to gamble online for several hours per day, and may be using up their retirement savings. The patient is currently taking levodopa, a dopamine agonist, a COMT inhibitor, and an antidepressant. Initial treatment for this patient should include consideration of which of these?

Rate your level of agreement with the following statement, with 1 indicating disagree completely and 5 indicating agree completely:
Once a person develops Parkinsons disease, the best assumption is that they are not safe to drive, unless they demonstrate otherwise.
Which of these would lead you to rule out a diagnosis of anxiety disorder in the context of PD?

According to results from Menza et al., 8 weeks of treatment with _____ was superior to placebo, while 8 weeks of treatment with _____ was not.

In the DOMINION study, the overall prevalence of at least one ICD in the PD population was:

Which skills necessary for driving are likely to be impaired in PD?