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This is the re-test for Physician Focus on Parkinson's Issue 18 (Summer 2011). A score of 70% or better must be obtained in order to receive your CME certificate for participating in this activity.

Compared to patients with older-onset, patients with young-onset PD tend to have:

A new YOPD patient is in your office with mild rigidity, mild bradykinesia, and an almost imperceptible tremor in the right hand. What is the best initial treatment for this patient for these symptoms?
A patient with young-onset PD inquires about the possibility of genetic testing for the parkin gene. Which of the following statements is NOT consistent with the current state of knowledge and best practice in the area of genetic testing for PD?

In addition to discussion of treatment for motor symptoms, what other issue(s) may be appropriate for the physician to raise with the patient early on in the disease?

Compared to Parkinsons disease in patients with older age of onset, PD in patients with young-onset is more likely to be:

According to the AAN Quality-of-Care Measures, Parkinsons disease medical and surgical treatment options should be reviewed only once per year.

Which aspects of group visits are most appealing to you, and may be of benefit to your PD patients?
According to a study of group visits in PD, which of the following statements best characterizes the effect of group visits on quality of life?

The most common gene mutations found in YOPD patients are in the genes for:

According to the AAN Quality-of-Care Measures, inquiries about which symptoms should be made at every clinic visit?